Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door.
Sophia Dembling, The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World (via massiv3)
Modern Life Is War - Young Man Blues
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I’m walkin’ past liquor stores and immigrant homes
Check into cash, and men with eyes like ghosts
As boys we were taught to dream in stacks and rows
Because to dream any bigger is to dig yourself a hole
One bigger than you’re already in from the moment your life begins
I’m soaked to the bone at Lawson Arms at 3 a.m
This cold world has convinced me to betray myself again
Some faceless men, shivering, betrayal, I am one of them
Never again
I feel the loneliness of the long distance runner now
This sterility is rotting me out
Can’t live in service, I’m dropping out
Dropping out of tomorrow morning’s white washed suburban schemes
Billboard, masturbation: satisfaction guaranteed
I am the 4 a.m. Arcade Street white bloodshot witness
I’m just another kid in the chorus, an empty street corner prophet
Grimy hands clawing at the gutter on the eve of letting go of crimes against my soul
They planted their seed, but I won’t let them tear through me
‘Cause I’m a real cool killer with a killer blow
A lock-jawed apprentice to my guts of gold
Plastic surgery to fit the mold
They’ll get you when you’re ugly and you’re feeling alone
In this modern life, cheap and disconnected
Where there is a siege going on and the besieged will be the last to know
That the race we are running is a joke, and I’m a dropout


Green Day - Stuart and the Ave.
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Green Day - Stuart and the Ave.

Top 5 Green Day song for me.

Eternally awkward. Holy shit.




Okay for real though this shits hilarious


Okay for real though this shits hilarious

Dear Landlord - I Live in Hell
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What does your dream home look like?

I posted this over a year ago, nice to see it still making the rounds.

How do you stop yourself from worrying about something that has only a slim chance of happening, but if it were to happen would be totally devastating? I’m not good at this.

Fucked beyond belief tonight.

Forgot how much I used to like this band.